Spotify releases a new original podcast, “United States of Music,” hosted by comedian Sasheer Zamata. The podcast series consists of six episodes, and uses Spotify listening data to uncover stories about people who make music, people who love music and the stories that connect them, one city at a time.

Sasheer Zamata, who is herself a big music fan, explains, “I’m excited to help share this show with listeners. I talked to some cool people across the US to learn about the music in their city and the impact it had on their lives, and I got a deeper look into the communities in this country than I thought I would. I can’t wait for people to hear these unique stories from artists and music fans.”


Each episode will take listeners to a different city across the United States, as it explores interesting, in some cases previously untold music stories that are deeply rooted in place. In addition, episodes feature artists like Tyler Glenn and Elaine Bradley of electro-pop band Neon Trees, poet and rapper Malcolm London, and LeNard Brown of soul group The Controllers, in addition to venue owners, fans, and local legends.

The series tells stories that range from funny to weird to moving, in cities such as Birmingham, Tucson and Provo. Listeners will discover why Chicagoans want to dance in the rain, when most people just want to curl up and listen to mellow music. Other episodes head to Southeast L.A., which has the most loyal music fans in the country, those that listen to Regional Mexican music, and Provo, Utah, where some of the biggest acts in electro-pop, including Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons, have gotten their start in a club named Velour.

Explore these stories and more throughout “United States of Music,” only on Spotify.

All episodes are available for streaming now at

Episode descriptions:

Episode 1: Blood Brothers (Provo, UT):

At Brigham Young University, students love to listen to white noise, for studying, for sleeping, and to soothe their children. But just a few minutes outside of campus, there’s a club called Velour. The venue’s longtime owner Corey Fox is credited with fostering local talent like Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, and The Moth & The Flame. But Corey Fox has been keeping a secret. Something he’s been holding onto his whole life, that could affect not only his life, but the fate of his beloved Velour, and the entire music community.

Episode 2: A Mix Tape in the Rain (Chicago, IL):

In most of the country when it rains people put on mellow music. But when it rains in Chicago, people dance. WHY? What is it about Chicago? (Featuring Malcolm London, Ohmme and Whitney).

Episode 3: The Iranian Cowboy (Tucson, AZ):

Over the decades, country music has created many outlaws, rebels, gamblers and ramblers, superstars, and pop idols. But it has only produced ONE Iranian Cowboy.

Episode 4: Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN):

For a long time, Dawn Watley, of the band Black Kids, thought that her music wasn’t important. That it couldn’t make an impact in the world. Then, she met Andrew.

Episode 5: King of Corridos (Southeast LA, CA):

A true crime story about one of the most beloved Mexican singers…ever: Chalino Sanchez.

Episode 6: The Soul Controller (Birmingham, AL):

When he was just 15 years old, one musical moment changed LeNard Brown’s life forever. And after 40 years, there’s still one song he refuses to sing. No no no no.

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